- Words by Ariana Whittingham

Crystal Gua Shas can be a b*tch to clean, even more so because they actually need to be cleaned pretty throughly after every use. Not too hot... the crystal might erode! The water has to be "just right" relatively warm and soapy, mixed in with your favorite facial cleanser for a deep clean. Stones to be left out flat to dry completely after being spritz with colloidal silver disinfectant to avoid product build up... since, these crystal stones are porous after all and have an amazing ability to harbor bacteria.  

Already heard enough? If all of that sounds like a lot of effort but you love your GUA SHA routine results: buy stainless steel gua sha here.

The cleaning routine is honestly giving *cleaning the juice maker vibes* 


Our “body shaper” Gua Sha is made with medical grade stainless steel, which is durable enough to last for a lifetime.

Since we have now become accustomed to de-puffing and carving angelic structures and new jawlines as a part of "beauty routine therapy" we are not ready to let the gua sha go. (Along with skin brushing, infrared saunas & hot cold therapy - all here to stay)

Since the stainless steel gua sha is ideal for getting rid of puffy eyes and dark circles, as well contouring the face, neck & water-dense areas - you don't miss anything by swapping to Stainless Steel, except opening your heart chakra or third eye. The Gua Sha stimulates cells to produce more collagen improving skins radiance, and can result in much smoother and more lifted looking skin, along with minimised fine lines and wrinkles.


So what does that mean for half the internet with draws full of rose quartz, jade & other crystal versions of this beauty tool...? 

  • Stainless steel is self-cooling, naturally cold without placing it in the fridge. But if you prefer extra cool, why not?
  • In comparison to jade and rose quartz, stainless steel is more durable. Remember that crystal tools are delicate and can break quite easily - forego the risk of having it break completely by investing in a timeless all-rounder body and face tool.
  • Stainless steel is non-porous, meaning that air or liquid won’t be able to pass through. In turn, mould can’t grow underneath the surface — that means no risk of bacteria transferring onto your skin! (You should 100% still clean your Gua Sha, though.)


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