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- Sustainability report on Palm Swimwear and why it was selected for our latest Ecocious Editorial "Thanks! Its Sustainable" Campaign - Words by Ariana Whittingham.


Palm Swimwear is an Australian swim and resort wear brand that combines bold, original design with craftsmanship and a strong commitment to minimizing our social and environmental impact.

Inspired by contemporary women who pursue positive change and empower others. Their eco-conscious swimwear is durable and designed to perfectly contour and enhance the female figure.

With a slower approach to fashion, Palm Swimwear uses high quality, sustainably sourced materials and produces in small batches to reduce wastage. 

"I’m interested in who women have the potential to ‘be’. I want to embrace diverse forms of femininity and explore the different ways that women can express themselves, their agency and their identity. I’m inspired by the many women work at all levels of the fashion industry to introduce more responsible practices and lead positive change."

Kat Furey, Creative Director & Designer

The intention behind PALM is for garments to be loved, lived in, built on and kept for many seasons.

All swim pieces are produced in-house from their studio space in Bali and are made singularly upon purchase. All collections are all produced here, the factory is spacious and each employee is given their own work station. Fair working conditions, wage and hours include: Work hours of 8-5 with an hour break, and public holidays are always a day-off!

“Our focus is not only on humanity but also the environment too. We are a ‘made to order’ company which means we only begin to create swimwear once the order is placed. This eliminates dead stock and an immense amount of waste seasonally”

The “made-to-order” model aims to minimise waste and leftover stock by creating no more than needed. All of Palm’s pieces are handmade and come with a lifetime warranty.

The new generation polymer in these yarns decomposes naturally into a form of waste that can be re-used. The nylon used in our swimsuits is regenerated and crafted in an Italian fabric from post-consumer waste and fishing nets.

“Sustainability is at the core ethos of PALM; we aim to tread lightly on this earth, making limited production numbers on all of our pieces in order to reduce our environmental impact.”

Palm are passionate about giving back and preserving biodiversity, as official partners of the Australian marine conservation society (AMCS)

2% of every sale is donated to help protect our vulnerable ocean and reefs.

A new baby mangrove is planted with every purchase to help restore biodiversity and waterways in East Java, Indonesia.



STYLING: Clare Anstey

IMAGES: Jenna Raeleigh Mitchell

HAIR & MAKEUP: Nina Hoffman

WORDS: Ariana Whittingham

CREATIVE DIRECTION: Ariana Whittingham

VIDEOGRAPHY: Angus McArthur-Williams

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