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Ritology: Sustainable, Luxury body care tools for smoother, softer & healthier skin.

Ritology: Sustainable, Luxury body care tools for smoother, softer & healthier skin.

- Ariana Whittingham Interviews Daegan and Renee, Co-Founders of Ritology for Ecocious Mag.

Ritology has elevated the game completely for premium, sustainable, body care tools. Their beautiful, functional, high quality products have been created with intention to simplify your personal care rituals - designed for minimalists. 

Ariana: How did the two of you meet? How did things unfold from your previous roles to joining forces to develop Ritology together?

We met back in 2016 as colleagues and soon became good friends! Myself, a Canadian lawyer and Renee, an Australian Event and Logistics specialist.

We bonded over our love of minimalism, wellness, and wine. We are also big nerds at heart and working in e-commerce businesses, we became increasingly overwhelmed by the conflicting advice and clever marketing surrounding various personal care and beauty products.

Working in the industry we wanted to do better, be the change and therefore we sought better options for our body and the environment. Two years later, in 2019 came Ritology.


 Ariana: What does the term "sustainability" mean to you? 

Sustainability to us means working towards a lifestyle where what we consume does not vastly exceed what we contribute. It means being mindful, making a conscious effort to choose better, not just when it comes to reducing our carbon footprint but nourishing & caring for ourselves as well.

Every single swap can have a huge impact on our health, happiness and our home. Every conscious act and effort soon becomes a habit or ritual, so we're here to make those efforts easier and more enjoyable.

By choosing better and being kinder, every aspect of our life improves.

By taking care of ourselves and our planet, the favour is returned.

While making choices, even minor changes, that are achievable long term.

That's sustainability to us. 


Ariana: From your combined years of knowledge, what are some things you wished more conscious customers knew about the industry?

Most individuals want to choose better. On the surface, they demand purpose and sustainability. However in the same breath, they are uncompromising when it comes to convenience and low prices.

The real difficulty comes from the colorful marketing ploys or 'greenwashing'. Greenwashing is when brands or companies give a false impression about how their products are environmentally sound or sustainable.

Just because you found a cheaper Eco Razor, does not mean it's the better option.

Quality over quantity.

Sustainable, ethical, result focussed and eco friendly are all very important factors to us, and are valued at every aspect of our business including how our products are made.

Countless 'eco razors' on the market are made in low wage factories, most have BPA's in their paint. Many are even still posted out to their customers in plastic packaging!

I personally feel the fast fashion/ convenience era has really distorted the world when it comes to 'reasonable' price points. To operate with our standards, using the best materials and practices, it comes with a cost.

So yes, there may be financially cheaper options available but cutting corners doesn't necessarily mean 'cheaper'.

It often means increased emissions and pollutants, and unethically made items. Someone is paying for it.  So really do your homework. Choose better and buy less. 


Ariana: If you could change something within the industry right now, what would it be? 

This is a tough one.

I think educating society is really important and every day we receive messages from others not truly understanding what goes into a purposeful sustainable business.

If we continue to operate the way the world is going, exploiting people and the planet to meet low price expectations then no one will win. That's not sustainable. 

So a perspective shift is necessary, and a deeper understanding of the costs  as higher prices attributed to more sustainable or quality ingredient products, however the results, longevity, and also impact should mean the investment is worth it long term. 


Ariana: Where do you envision Ritology to be, 5 years from now?

We are so grateful to have the opportunity to impact so many lives and our planet for the better!

The messages from customers having improved their skin or no longer having a particular skin concern, for example ingrown hairs from shaving, makes our day.

This is our goal for the next 5 years:

Continue to educate and grow our knowledge base with experts in the skin health and wellness fields.

Alongside introducing more high quality, purpose driven products that can make a real impact.


Ariana: If someone reading this would like to deepen their understanding towards living a more sustainable lifestyle, what tips or advice would you like to share with them?

Every single action, no matter how small, can make a huge difference.

Whether you can take that extra little time to be more mindful or kind, both to yourself, community and planet.  

It can be as simple as remembering your keep cup or shopping bag, drinking from the cup and avoiding the plastic straw. It all adds up.

We're also a huge believer in supporting our community. So next time you're grabbing groceries or a gift, shop local. Not only are you investing back into your area, but this can eliminate heaps of greenhouse gas emission! 

You're helping local mums and dads put their kids to school rather than buying the 3rd holiday house for the big CEO's in a different country. 



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