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Brands that are considered "sustainable" by Ecocious have considered impact from all stages in a product's life cycle.

Stages of a product's life cycle include:

  • Resources
  • Processing
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • Use
  • End of Life

Our standards for each include both the non-negotiable and additional criteria below.

Ecocious Brand Criteria


These are essential and already need to be administered in order to meet our sustainability criteria.

1. Low environmental impact materials that are biodegradable, recyclable, recycled and/or repurposed

2. Packaging has to be biodegradable or recyclable

3. Location of apparel manufacture and warehouse is transparent and accessible to consumers

4. Material used are transparent and available to consumers

5. No exploitation: ethical treatment towards all/any employees involved in the process of production-market

6. Must have an active action plan in place to mitigate water consumption and energy use


We believe these are just as important in relation to sustainability. However, if non- negotiable criteria is met and the brand is able to prove they are working towards bettering these, they will still be eligible to qualify to be listed on

7. Carbon neutral or positive businesses

8. Community; giving back to communities or the environment

9. Not strictly profit driven; are making an impact through NFP/focus groups

10. Low environmental impact solutions used

11. Waste traceability and prevention of environmental contamination and toxicology

12. Progressive alterations in practice to optimal sustainability 

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