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KATE FORD - sustainably designed by the unique ones

KATE FORD - sustainably designed by the unique ones

-Sustainability report on Kate Ford and why it was selected for our latest Ecocious "Thanks! Its Sustainable"Editorial. 

Words by Ariana Whittingham

Kate Ford is a relatively new designer adding to the Australian scene but notably one to keep your eye on! Kate has launched her travel inspired, eponymous label mid-pandemic & we are all already obsessed! 

You can expect pieces to be ethically made with sustainably sourced fabrics. Prints that instantly take us on holiday, at least *mentally.*

Many years working¬†alongside¬†prestigious Fashion Designers curated¬†Kates very own network of connections. This, along with the ample experience she gained pushed her to spread her wings and so "KATE FORD" was born¬†‚Äď a dream she‚Äôs had since junior school.

At KATE FORD ‚ÄėSustainability‚Äô is so much more than just a "green label."

It’s an attitude, a practice and commitment to continue to learn and improve everything that can be done, for people, place and planet.

Sustainability measures at Kate Ford include:

  • Understanding traceability of fibres and not purchasing any "stock" fabrics¬†where an¬†items origin¬†and¬†process/ treatment is known.
  • Using organic and sustainable fibres that do not use harsh chemicals¬†in the¬†manufacturing or dying processes.
  • Direct communication line¬†to employees to ensure¬†correct¬†work/health/safety.¬†¬†
  • Not using unknown factories.
  • Personally visiting manufacturers.¬†
  • Giving back to communities.¬†

Kate personally visits each fair trade factory, meeting the garment makers and seeing how the entire life cycle of the  manufacturing process operates from beginning-to-end on the ground is incredibly important to Kate as well as the ethical credentials of the brand.

Being big believers of hand-made pieces, Kates work directly empowers a diverse group of talented creatives across many fields and is able to empower traditional artisans - proudly sharing their wonderful work with the world.

"We’re very cautious of working with new factories, I personally need to inspect all of our factories and working conditions. I’m in daily contact with all of my artisans and factories to ensure everyone is being treated and paid fairly and they enjoy working with us and being a part of the brand's growth." KATE FORD

From conception, all KATE FORD womenswear has been made with natural fabrics sourced sustainably from the earth. These include: cotton, silk, ramie, merino wool and linen. 

Deeply passionate about minimising any further impact by fashion industry landfill, KATE FORD combats waste by minimising excess and off cuts and the team practices mindfulness at every touch point along our process.

Any synthetic fibre used is recycled and and our swimwear is derived from Italian recycled lycra to ensure that we are reducing our impact on the environment, instead of adding to it.

By limiting the order quantities available via Kate Fords online store customers are encouraged to buy on demand, not impulse.



STYLING: Clare Anstey

IMAGES: Jenna Raeleigh Mitchell

HAIR & MAKEUP: Nina Hoffman

WORDS: Ariana Whittingham

CREATIVE DIRECTION: Ariana Whittingham

VIDEOGRAPHY: Angus McArthur-Williams 

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