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SZADE COLLECTIVE - Break the cycle

SZADE COLLECTIVE - Break the cycle

- Sustainability report on Szade Collective and why it was selected for our latest Ecocious Editorial "Thanks! Its Sustainable" Campaign - Words by Ariana Whittingham.


Szade collective is changing the eyewear game in the sustainable space, one pair of shades at a time! Designed in Melbourne and made for the world, an innovation to re-use plastic sunglasses and optic frames that were otherwise destined for an eternity in landfill is Szades contribution in cleaning up the excess of waste left behind by the fashion/ accessories industry.

The brand ethos and philosophy focuses on using existing resources to innovate and create rather than harvest more of the earth’s precious, natural resources. Instead of strictly using bio materials or plant based materials like many sustainable brands, Szade chooses to utilize what’s already there, left over without purpose.  

Their carbon optimized strategy includes: collecting sunglass waste close to the source and taking them straight to their Global Recycling Standard (GRS) certified factory. Their unique recycling process includes breaking down the “waste” back into their raw materials and then beginning a new life as SZADES. They have already saved tones of over run, out of use, faulty and wasted frames in china that were on their way to landfill.


a collective in every sense of the word ;

it’s us and you, purveyors of culture and protectors of the planet.

this unique synergy of technology and fashion has produced szade ;

a brand not only for today, but for the future.

style, yes. purpose and integrity, f**k yes ;

real sustainability, inclusivity, accessibility, diversity and innovation.



Accessibility, a key element at Szades in terms of sustainability measures. Too often overlooked in the sustianble space, accessibility is one of the most important, core values for Szades. They believe it is integral for all intending to instigate global change. In order to offer an affordable price in an already irresistible market their profit margin is temporarily sacrificed, as they know the real win is a positive real-world effect!

Szade employs a collective approach to sustainability, which goes much further than just how they manufacture products. Their design studio and entire team operates within a repurposed factory in Melbourne which has been powered by sunshine since 2020!

The office space ensures that even the most mundane aspects of the business are conducted ethically for the preservation of the planet's resources. These include ;

  • minimising paper and cardboard use via practices such as printing controls and an active policy of the total reuse of cardboard boxes in our warehouses.
  • reusing materials where possible ; this is very much in line with our unique recycling process and brand philosophy to minimise material consumption and waste.
  • recycling 90% of waste to minimise landfill disposal ; including composting organic matter for our friends in our on-site worm farm!
  • continued work on increased energy efficiency including introducing various automated lighting, heating and cooling systems in our premises along with efficient light fittings.
  • responsibly sourced recycled paper used in all offices.



STYLING: Clare Anstey

IMAGES: Jenna Raeleigh Mitchell

HAIR & MAKEUP: Nina Hoffman

WORDS: Ariana Whittingham

CREATIVE DIRECTION: Ariana Whittingham

VIDEOGRAPHY: Angus McArthur-Williams

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