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Deltora Diamonds: Mother Earths Best Friend!

Deltora Diamonds: Mother Earths Best Friend!

Melissa Mcdonald's mission, quite simply, is to make diamonds more accessible to all women. Big rocks and bold jewellery using sustainably created lab diamonds and 100% recycled solid gold.

Through her business, Deltora Diamonds, she is changing the way the world looks at DIAMONDS! Her beautiful pieces prove that, yes! Diamonds can be affordable, attainable and sustainable yet still possess the classic magic that these precious, globally desired gems are so renowned for.

Deltora Diamonds’ Lab Diamonds are real diamonds. They are GIA and IGI certified and hold exceptional colour and clarity. They are able to create this through the process of taking a slice of a diamond and (in the laboratory) replicate the high temperature and high pressure of the earth’s crust. What normally takes millions of years to naturally occur is able to be grown in a lab in a matter of months! This process is transparent for each diamond’s provenance and origin, ensuring they are conflict-free.

It's about time for this $80 Billion Diamond industry to have a shake-up! Since we now know it's possible, it needs to be: more sustainable and ethical; kinder to the earth and to the pocket. So, as one of the few females in this male-dominated industry, Melissa is leading the change towards sustainability in Australia. 


Ariana Interviews Melissa for Ecocious Mag

Hi Melissa, thank you for joining me today to discuss all things sustainability and in particular... Diamonds! I am so excited to get into these questions - you have no idea! Let's start off with the basics though for any of our readers that haven't heard of yourself or Deltora Diamonds before.


Ariana: To you personally, what does the term "sustainability" mean and why is it something you are passionate about? 

Melissa: Personally sustainability means being mindful of the impact we have on the Earth. We are living in a time where we are seeing the rise of the "ethical Consumer." These kinds of consumers are more than ever seeking to align themselves with brands that share their values. In fact… 58% of consumers have rejected a brand either because of its environmental, corporate or political values. 


Ethical consumer spending is also on the rise as many customers¬†are taking¬†into consideration the sustainability of a product, its environmental footprint and the corporates social responsibility. I only use Sustainably Grown Lab¬†Diamonds in all of our¬†jewellery at Deltora Diamonds. We have invested in the sustainable production of lab grown diamonds, creating a lighter footprint on the earth and a smarter more sustainable alternative that's also kinder to your wallet.¬†Our ethos and message ‚ÄúLuxury That Doesn‚Äôt Cost The Earth‚ÄĚ has meaning for us on several levels but predominantly - Environment, Humanity¬†at a more affordable Cost price for our Clientele.¬†


Ariana: For those completely in the dark with the Diamond industry please enlighten us on the damage and impact mining has on the environment.

Historically, the mining of diamonds has created major human rights issues. Most people would be familiar with the term ‚ÄúBlood Diamond‚ÄĚ which is associated with the cruelty to which the miners were treated in Africa and the proceeds of sales were used to fund War. Our lab diamonds have provenance. You know the origin, history¬†and authenticity when buying a Deltora Diamond. Our diamonds are created in high tech laboratories and hold unquestionable¬†provenance with no impact on humanity.¬†¬†


We are conscious that the Environment is impacted when mining for diamonds. Diamond mining can result in land degradation and soil erosion that can be detrimental to the local environment. Growing a diamond in a lab setting with abundantly available carbon and renewable energy has a low impact on the environment with little to no harm to ecosystems or wildlife. Growing diamonds is certainly energy intensive; however, the impact on the earth to grow diamonds is a fraction of the impact of diamond mining. Man-made diamonds are driving positive change within the entire diamond industry by making people and companies accountable to our environment. 


Our diamonds have no carbon emission, and cause no damage to the surface of the Earth. Our Clientele feels Deltora Diamonds are the responsible and smarter choice. The sweet spot is that they are also 30% more affordable and considered pure in contrast to most mined diamonds - since we can control environment in the lab ensuring no other chemicals or metals are introduced. (an example: in the earth's surface, a rock such as Boron can infiltrate the diamond giving off a blue-ish tinge. In our lab we only introduce carbon so the diamonds is in its purest form, with no discolouration.


Ariana: Diamonds vs  Lab Diamonds, give us the rundown....

Simply put Lab Diamonds are real Diamonds. They are chemically, optically and physically the same as a mined diamond. The only difference is their origin - in a Lab. They are not to be confused with a cubic zirconia or a moissanite or other synthetic inferior stones.


Inherently, Lab Diamonds are cheaper than mined Diamonds. They are more affordable because: they cost less to produce, there is no middle man, no big trucks, no sorters etc... Since we are not a huge billion dollar industry the cost savings are actually passed on to the consumer! Which means within your budget you are able to get a larger carat size. The $10,000 you would spend on a 1 carat round stone will now give you a 2 carat in a lab diamond. 


Ariana: From your fine jewellery collection which piece is your personal favourite and why? and which is your best seller?

In terms of our fine jewellery pieces, I am loving the star diamond hoops as they give your everyday hoop some spunk. Layering is pretty big at the moment and chunkier pieces are definitely more popular so we have some really cool stuff dropping for Xmas in the coming weeks. In terms of best sellers, the pave long link paper clip necklace and bracelet have been super popular as has the star set necklace and these are great worn together. Because we use solid gold in all our jewellery, you can wear them everywhere and never have to take them off.  


Our fine jewellery range is a collaboration of solid gold and lab diamonds with contemporary designs. We are currently working on our 2022 launch collection which will launch in February, you will be seeing some other lab grown gems coming into the mix with coloured diamonds a feature.


Ariana: What do you think the world needs more of? and less of?

More calm - the world is in chaos right now, our energies need to be channeled into promoting calm and stability. 

Less - living in a perpetual state of chaos and more living in the present. 


We are so proud to be partnered with Deltora Diamonds, you will be able to shop their products on our Sustainable Marketplace in the next few days! Until then, you can see more from Deltora Diamonds, at @deltoradiamonds.

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