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"Good Influencers" Sophie Marsh, Channel Void: Connection & Asking questions

"Good Influencers" Sophie Marsh, Channel Void: Connection & Asking questions

I'm sharing the voice of my beautiful friend Sophie Marsh with you all today. She is the human embodiment of being real and raw, she inspires and deeply touches the souls of so many by sharing her personal journey of growth and healing online and cohesively expresses her femininity, masculinity, sexuality and empowers others to do the same for themselves. She is also a content creator, photographer, model, actress, writer and part of the EPIC Channel Void team...

Channel Void has evolved into a digital destination dedicated to all humans seeking a deeper connection with themselves, others and the world around them. 

I highly recommend you checking out Sophie's personal instagram @serpentofvenus and Channel Void... Allow yourself to indulge and digest their content with an open mind. I often think about how we (as a society) have all been told, shown and pressured into adhering to live life in a certain way, a way that does not suit all beings, and causes so many people pain and dissociation. You may find you resonate and start your healing journey when you open your mind to different ways of thinking and feeling. This could be a good place to start. 

Sophie and I met in Byron Bay but have chatted for hours online about different topics and I could go on, and on about how knowledgeable and open this amazing woman is, however today Sophie and I are joining forces to focus our conversation towards sustainability of our environment. That's enough from me, let's get into the questions. 

Ariana: what does sustainability mean to you? 

Sustainability for me is a way of being that looks towards improving or maintaining a quality of life for self, other and Earth. 

Ariana: in your opinion, how could we all achieve living sustainably?

It’d be foolish of me to pretend I can answer this question with any sort of authority, but I genuinely believe the first step to living sustainably is connecting back with Self.


There is an inextricable link between our inner makeup and the world around us in very tangible ways. So many of us have become disillusioned by the noise of a digital society, and so overwhelmed by our inherent empathic natures that caring for anything feels obsolete. It’s only when we turn to ourselves and ask questions like “What does my innermost self truly need right now?” and patiently wait for the answer, do we find that we are far simpler than we think. Often to feel loved, connected, heard or secure are amongst the top needs universally for human beings. Once we start to meet our own needs internally, we stop filling the void with external things, and the ripple effects this has given the inherent interdependency of humanity is immeasurable. Consumerism is stopped in its tracks by questions like this.


Sustainability starts as a question of "how do I protect what I already have", until answering it becomes a practice and habit that doesn’t discriminate in its beneficiaries. 

Ariana: which sustainable brands are your favourite and why? 

I’m very fortunate with my line of work to have been exposed to many different brands and experiences with clothing. Because of the privilege I’ve had in experimenting with fashion, I will only purchase 3-5 garments as new each year maximum- everything else is from vintage stores, Depop and op shops.


Underplants is one of my favourite upcoming brands I’ve been fortunate enough to collaborate with in the past. They're intimates, something I will buy as new, are buttery soft and manufactured under some of the most ethical and sustainable guidelines I’ve seen a young business employ. Another label I love is Stargazer owned by my dear friend Holly, a talented seamstress that uses recycled materials.


Style for me is my way of showing up in the world, and beyond looking a certain way, it’s about creating an experience in the moments I share with others. Small, local, handmade businesses like Stargazer constantly re-inspire my love for fashion because they remove destruction from the essence of clothing. It’s hard to feel anything other than beautiful in clothes that have been custom made for your body and will last many memories through. 


Ariana: Give us your tips on shopping sustainably, whilst still dressing in a way that makes you FEEL good.

I think it’s really important to dress “how you feel” to and shop using that same principle. When buying a piece from new, I’ll check the sustainability of the brand and then I always ask myself these questions: Is this a classic piece/ can I see myself wearing it in 5 years time or is it a fleeting fashion moment? Is there a dupe of this somewhere that uses more sustainable products or is made with a higher standard of quality? Can I find it on Depop? Can I find it (or something beautifully similar) in an op shop? What vibe am I trying to create with this piece, and how does it work with what exists in my wardrobe already? 


If you answer no to the first questions and see a space for it in your closet, wait 24 hours before buying. Sometimes that 24 hour window will help you realise something or allow fate to bring an unexpectedly more sustainable iteration of the garment into your life serendipitously- always keep your eyes open walking past op shops and check Depop regularly. 


I also find that clearing out your wardrobe when you buy new pieces gives you space to understand what you’ve got on hand and how you can style things to feel as if your sense of self is evolving. Sustainability in clothing is definitely a lot to do with the manufacturing process of brands, the materials used, the lives being exploited, but it’s also to do with how we as consumers vote for the existence of such things with our dollars. Buy second hand where possible, and if you can’t, invest in things that will last. 


Ariana: Share with us something about consumerism that you wish more consumers knew...

There’s so much I could say on this, but I wish people knew that many of the people and brands at the forefront of these industries are not what they seem. There’s a lot of toxicity that social media conceals and generates, making it so important to stay true to your inner voice and trust your gut feelings. Do your research always, and always question the sources you encounter- who benefits from this information? who suffers? can it be corroborated? 





I am so honoured to share this and for holding a space for such a deep and raw interview. I am excited for Sophie's future and for the future of all the lives she inspires, I hope you all thought about something in your own personal lives and feel more connected. I'm sure you will all be seeing more from Sophie very soon.


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