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"Good Influencers" The Oscar Oscar Cullinan: Hemp saves hair!

"Good Influencers" The Oscar Oscar Cullinan: Hemp saves hair!

I am honoured to share this interview with a true icon, and my good friend Oscar Cullinan. When I met Oscar we realised we shared similar passions towards many things but predominantly the care we both have for the environment and for the health of having beautiful hair! If you live in Australia and haven't heard of OSCAR OSCAR salons.... what shade of grey is the rock you are living under? just kidding... (kind of!)

He is the owner/ director and most importantly creative visionary of his own luxury hair salon line "Oscar Oscar Salons" as well as one of Australia's leading celebrity hairstylists. He has personally gotten his magic hands into the tresses of so many of our favourite celebrities including; Jesinta Campbell, Margaret Zhang and Courtney Love, Jade Jagger, Paris Hilton and Miranda Kerr just to name a few... Not only is he incredible at what he does and a successful leader in business he also genuinely cares about his clientele, their hair health as well as our environment. His products are sustainably sourced from native Australian plants and are all vegan! Okay.... let's get into the questions now, I could get carried away and go on forever about my admiration for this exquisite soul! 

Ariana: So many people know you as the Owner/ Director of Oscar Oscar ~a multi location luxury salon group that has dominated the market for the last 30 years~ however some may not already know that this year you brought out your own product line "WILDE" tell us about the haircare line and why you felt passionate to create these products?

It wasn’t until becoming an owner of a large stretch of land near Byron Bay in northern NSW, did the puzzle begin to fit into place for me. Taking the key ingredient that we produce on the farm; Hemp Seed Oil, I began testing the elements. Once our harvesting of the Hemp Seed Oil was perfected, along came other natural ingredients such as Kakadu Plum, Wattle Seed and Lemon Myrtle. 

Through this combination of nature’s ingredients and with the aid of science and technology, WILDE was born. Together the ingredients work perfectly to help repair damage, increase hair strength, protect against UV rays, heat to moisturize dry hair, as well as improve shine and softness. WILDE is an Australian made, vegan and cruelty free line of luxury haircare centred around hemp seed’s restorative elements - the perfect hybrid between nature and science and it works! I’m extremely proud of the positive reviews we’ve received. 

For now, it’s exclusively available at Oscar Oscar Salons because these are the perfect products to represent our values in vegan and cruelty free haircare as well as how our brand is evolving towards more sustainable practices. Not to mention, the luxurious healthy hair it provides for our guests. 

Ariana: This year the internet has brought so much attention to the effects that chemicals and toxic ingredients (found in almost all commercial products) have to our health, skin and hair. Share with us about your expert opinion regarding these nasty chemicals and the effects they have on our hair! 

The horror stories I’ve seen over the years of witnessing first-hand the detrimental effects of using harsh chemicals on hair was one of the reasons I knew I had to find a better way.  “WILDE” is an ode to nature plus nurture. My passion for the land has given me a true understanding of the power that the natural plant has for beauty and haircare. I have taken this belief in nature and reverse engineered its potential to create something genuinely beautiful. By adding the power of modern science to the organic strength of nature, and without even having to consider any toxic or harmful chemicals, these treatments provide stunning results and simply, I am incredibly proud.

Ariana: Oscar, your masks are amazing! I have actually tried both; you have the Protein revival mask and the Moisture restore mask - give us a run down on these two and which hair types or concerns either one is best for? I am also excited to try the moisture revive oil as I have heard it's amazing for fly-aways! Can you tell me anything more about the newest product?

Thanks! The feedback on the masques has been awesome! The WILDE MOISTURE RESTORE MASQUE is bursting with antioxidant-rich Kakadu Plum and fatty-acid Hemp Seed oil, this nourishing concentrate helps to repair and restore moisture, gloss and vitality to your damaged strands to leave them feeling silky and healthy suitable for all hair types. 

The WILDE PROTEIN REVIVAL MASQUE is infused with protein rich native Wattle Seed and rejuvenating Hemp Seed oil. This deep treatment can be used to support the return of your hair's natural elasticity and build strength, helping to leave it deeply nourished, smooth and glossy and is especially good for colour treated or bleached hair. Expanding our range while maintaining our fundamental values, our new Moisture Revive Oil was created with the purpose to protect and revitalise your hair with the power of science and nature combined.

Our new Moisture Revive Oil is an all-inclusive product that can be used on any and every hair type for the purpose of  total hair resurrection on those lackluster days or to give your hair a glossy shine.

Smooth moisture-starved strands with this lightweight, ultra-hydrating oil. This nourishing serum helps to protect and repair your hair, leaving it feeling silky-smooth and revitalised. Utilising two dynamic key Australian native ingredients, our Moisture Revive Oil is a powerful elixir.

Ariana: I know how passionate you are about sustainability, can you share with our readers your sustainable practices that you do regularly? It might help inspire other salon owners, business owners, and even our readers that are looking to start caring more for our environment? 

For me it’s about the little things, the small changes I’ve made to my day.  Making bins available in salons and at home for recycling paper, plastics, glass, hair-colouring tubes as well as household items. Monitoring the air conditioning and using low energy lighting. Educating staff in best practices and trying to become more educated myself in ways to reduce my personal carbon footprint and that of the salons.  

Ariana: I would love to see all of the OO salons becoming sustainable salons, is this something that you are currently working towards? It would be EPIC to have OO leading the way in Australia as one of the most renowned Luxury Salons. It also makes sense with your newest product being sustainably sourced and natural. 

Watch this space, it’s in the works! Even through the OO brand is 30 years old I believe the best is ahead of us. Sustainably and social responsibility are top of mind with any new house products and salon practices.

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