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ARMS OF EVE - Hand made & ethically sourced, timeless accessories.

ARMS OF EVE - Hand made & ethically sourced, timeless accessories.

Sustainability report on Arms of Eve and why they were showcased in our latest Ecocious Editorial "Thanks! Its Sustainable" Campaign.


Arms of Eve is an embodiment of experiences mixed with travel journals from designer and creative director, Kerryn Langer. This Australian based brand is heavily influenced by Kerryns style: a truly unique merger of culture which originates from African heritage infused with elements of her Australian home, finding harmony within a bohemian-beach lifestyle.

Each beautiful Arms of Eve piece is designed to embrace the modern womxn, empowering them to feel confident and radiate their true self! It goes without saying that arms of eve are extremely intentional with their process, hand making each piece with love, and of course - sourcing ethically.

Styles are designed with longevity in mind, you will find an abundance of stunning, classic and timeless pieces prominent throughout all collections and designs are usually encouraged to be worn stacked together or separately for multiple use. 

During the development process in their Sydney studio measures to omit unnecessary waste are factored and implemented before manufacture begins. All studio scraps are reused and recycled, AOE is continually expanding their knowledge into greener ways to recycle and become "circular", as I hope we all are.

AOE Gemstones are each one of a kind as well as ethically sourced.  Silver is the precious metal of preference across each collection, which was due to its lower carbon footprint in comparison to gold and platinum. AOE factory partners source materials locally to support domestic production which additionally reduces the overall carbon footprint!

The only brass used by AOE is “ECO BRASS” a lead-free, environmentally friendly alternative, which was selected to reduce chemical exposure to the environment... as well as Arms of Eve customers! 


STYLING: Clare Anstey

IMAGES: Jenna Raeleigh Mitchell

HAIR & MAKEUP: Nina Hoffman

WORDS: Ariana Whittingham

CREATIVE DIRECTION: Ariana Whittingham

VIDEOGRAPHY: Angus McArthur-Williams

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