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- Why we love THE HOLD! Featured in our latest Thanks! Its Sustainable editorial - published in Moss Magazine

The best way to describe The Hold: functional art.

These statement, eye catching hand bags are functional and ornamental; pieces of art for your home and to carry with you. Intended to be kept forever and passed on. 

The Hold was born through a love of beautiful form, contrasting textures and natural materials. It is our belief that when something is made by hand, it imbues a sentimentality that is not only an ode to the artisan but also to keeping traditional craft alive.

Being a handmade, artisan brand that honors the skill and craftsmanship of their makers, The Hold actively supports each and every employee. Their refined collection of handbags are made by a small family run business which has been audited successfully by Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit (SMETA).

SMETA Certification encompasses all aspects of responsible business practice —labour standards, health and safety, and environmental assessment. Additionally, THE HOLD makers are provided with social insurance and healthcare.

As well as, profits from each sale will directly enhance the lives and education of the artisan families who make these beautiful bags.

The Hold contributes $10 from every purchase to the K&M Charitable Trust; an organisation working to enhance the lives and education of our artisans’ children in Uttar Pradesh, India.

STYLING: Clare Anstey

IMAGES: Jenna Raeleigh Mitchell

HAIR & MAKEUP: Nina Hoffman

WORDS: Ariana Whittingham

CREATIVE DIRECTION: Ariana Whittingham

VIDEOGRAPHY: Angus McArthur-Williams


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