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These environmental icks were put together by the Ecocious Team, if you think we've missed any, please send us a DM and we will add yours to our list!

If you want to be cool in 2022, stop doing these things.

  • "I don't care, I'll just get the cheapest.”
  • Making fun of someone expressing their individuality. 
  • Cancel culture.
  • Hauls from "Fashion Nova, Shein, Boohoo, Missguided, PLT, Topshop.” (or any mass fashion brand)
  • Not caring about your health now/ in the future.
  • Working out in Polyester/ Elastane/ Nylon (you literally stink).
  • Paying premium price tag for something made out of Polyester/ Elastane/ Nylon (it's literally plastic).
  • IDLING a.k.a leaving the engine on when you are not driving.
  • Having to buy a new outfit for every event.
  • Being negative as a default.
  • Being nasty as a "joke." 
  • Throwing trash out of the car window.
  • Throwing trash on the ground in general.
  • Using a take-away coffee cup for a rushed, on-the-go 10 minute experience and then chucking it to landfill (FYI cuties T/A coffee cups are lined with plastic: which is lacing your coffee with endocrine disruptors and it also doesn't make them biodegradable or recyclable, please get a keep cup or just sit down at your local cafe and use that morsel of time to set your daily intentions or practice gratitude)
  • Not knowing which goes in Recycling vs. General waste bin (the symbols are always on the back).
  • Saying "yes" when deep down you'd really like to say no.
  • Throwing food scraps into general waste bin (food waste produces significantly more... around 25x more methane than regular trash - please compost!)
  • AMAZON, and anyone that recommends it. 
  • "Not everyone can afford sustainable clothing" or "sustainable fashion is a luxury" (buying cheap clothing that's a "bargain" whilst another person isn't getting paid minimum wage seems like the REAL luxury here...)
  • Buying the exact outfit off the mannequin/ model - this screams I don’t have my own style so loud.
  • Buying the cheaper, knock off version of a piece instead of the original.
  • Not giving creatives credit for their work.
  • Fast/Mass fashion brands doing performative fashion week events. (Truly, I am so embarrassed for anyone that attended and promoted the SHEIN fashion week event or PLT Miami swim week runway... quick, go archive those posts girlies!)
  • Butting out cigarettes on the ground (so disgustingly toxic to the environment!)
  • Throwing vapes into general waste (hello... same sized battery as a portable charger, batteries are so toxic to the environment and need to be discarded properly with other e-waste: laptops, phones etc..)
  • Feeding white bread to animals
  • Individually wrapped candy/chocolates.
  • Individually bagging fruit and veg in those thin little plastic bags.
  • Using a Plastic razor and or plastic toothbrush.
  • Buying non-clean, animal cruelty skincare and makeup from the supermarket/ drugstore.
  • Using your phone whilst someone is directly speaking to you. 


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