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What's inside: Sustainable beauty box!

What's inside: Sustainable beauty box!

Words by Ecocious founder, Ariana Whittingham

Girls supporting Girls.

The “Clean Swap Box” was founded by two of my friends, Whitney & Mandi and their mission to cleaning up the beauty industry is convenient, innovative and results-driven.


Both Whitney and Mandi come from years of experience within the Beauty Industry, I would definitely consider them both to be Beauty experts and with their combined love for Beauty, Skin, Health and the Environment this business venture has become their passion to assist us in discovering exceptional clean products that we can “swap” into our routines and ditch the non-clean items we may still be secretly hanging onto.


Still not convinced? The Clean Swap Box features female founded, Australian brands and you can purchase a box one-off or subscribe (and save) with a seasonal subscription. Each box contains four, full sized products and are outstanding products that genuinely work!


Having a seasonal subscription revolutionised the way I personally look at my own skincare routine. The girls factor in changes in: temperature, humidity and lifestyle when selecting products for each seasonal box and it just makes the whole experience of trying new clean products that much more beneficial.


Like Ecocious, the girls do the research - so we don’t have to.

I asked for a special discount for you guys, so for anyone that wants to try the Clean Swap Box (obligation free) you can use the code “ECOCIOUS” for $30 off your first box.


I know you're probably thinking, what's in your box... well, here's the run down on the “Autumn” Clean Swap Box.


Sabbia Co

We chose this brand because they are making waves in the Sustainable beauty space. Sabbia Co was founded by Katie and her partner Dave after a trip to Cambodia, which opened her eyes to the waste problem that most of our third world countries are facing as we speak. Originally starting with beauty tools and reusable face cloths (to prevent the use of make-up wipes) the natural progression towards skincare wasn’t far off. With Katies background in formulation itching to be put to good use, they launched their Clean Skincare range. Not only are the products beautifully formulated, they are taking the extra step towards minimising waste with their refill program.


What is a refill program?

Well, once you run out of your product instead of having to purchase the same product again you are able to purchase a refill instead which minimises waste being sent to landfill.


Speaking of the products, which we can’t rave about enough! The moisturiser is a 2-in-1 product, doubling up as an overnight mask for those days you need an extra plump, glowing complexion.



Bleum was founded by Eco Angel, Montana Lower, (we have already chatted to Montana about her sustainable lifestyle and skincare line on Ecocious MAG: read here)


This Woman is truly incredible and so are her products. We selected her “Kakadu Plum” Vitamin C Boost serum for our Autumn Box for a complete skin transformation moment. This product is a godsend for pigmentation, acne, dull/lifeless skin, uneven skin tone… the list goes on (if you don’t believe me, have a read at their 10+ pages of 5 star reviews)


Bluem sources their Kakadu Plum (Gubinge) Sustainably and is harvested locally by the respected indigenous community from the source. Fair trade is extremely important to the Bluem team, but so are your skin results.


This particular Kakadu plum serum is not like most other products on the market, I couldn’t even call them competing products, because quite frankly - they don't even come close. The superstar ingredient is concentrated, which negates any need for filler ingredients.  No corners have been cut and it shows with instant results.  

*we will be working with Montana again very soon, in a special edition discovery box*


Green & Bare

Green and bares philosophy are going back to more natural, raw ingredients -which we love!

The beauty of less ingredients means the ones they do select have a purpose and are extremely effective. The quality of ingredients is important to Green & Bare, and so is responsibility, from the source; all sourced Sustainably and Ethically.


For our Autumn box we have selected the Green & Bare “Coconut Powdered cleanser.” If you have ever been a Dermalogica mircofoliant user over the years this product is similar, just way less ingredients and of course actually considered “Clean.”


If you enjoy adding in an enzymatic cleanse/ exfoliation into your clean beauty routine, look no further. This product foams up into a creamy lather, with the pineapple enzymes being the superstar ingredient which break down once activated and simultaneously exfoliate your skin. ( A great option for sensitive skin as it isn’t as abrasive/irritating as a traditional scrub can be)


Bare Skin So.

To complete our Autumn box we needed to add in this absolutely divine product from Bare Skin Co. They have formulated the most beautiful, purifying, pink clay mask! Think calming, detoxing, and hydrating all packed into one tube of clean beauty goodness. Their French pink clay is mixed with Lavender, Camomile and Evening Primrose Oil.


A clay mask is an ideal product for Autumn skin, since Summer is usually accompanied with slapping on sunscreen and sweating… hello clogged pores!


Traditionally clay masks can be extremely drying and even tend to draw out the moisture of your skin when left on a little too long - not ideal for our dry skin or sensitive skin sisters/brothers…


Bare Skin Co has cracked the Clay code with a hydrating clay mask, there is no drying/cracking experience which can often leads to irritation or added dryness.


Please note: this mask may take longer than a traditional clay mask to set, due to its hydrating properties.



Added bonus, a little insight into the Discovery box (coming soon)


Imagine a box that no one has seen before! 

A small selection of the most exciting Clean Beauty to hit the Australian Market.


For our new, "Discovery Box" we are expanding our range outside of Clean Beauty, imagine a selection of beauty, as well as everything from Clean Fragrance to Clean Oral care etc…


We’re gravitating towards showcasing more of a variety of clean products, like our name “The Clean Swap Box” we aim to enhance the exploratory experience so many of subscribers love, even further into the clean beauty/ sustainable space.


Giving CSB subscribers the gift of discovering new and innovative clean products, that will replace many of our non-clean already existing items is the direction we are moving into. Let us find the products for you, and send them to you seasonally, all you have to do is try them and then “swap” the ones you love into your routine, ditching whatever non-clean products you may have at the moment. We couldn’t be more excited about the brands and products in our upcoming Discovery box and the Winter box, can’t wait for you to try!


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