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Ecocious Model Search: everything you need to know!

Ecocious Model Search: everything you need to know!

♡ We are looking for our MUSE 

Ecocious is looking for a new face to Model in our upcoming Campaign!

The time is NOW to be celebrated for your efforts. We are searching for one beautiful soul to join us on an adventure into the online world of fashion, beauty & everything in between! We will consider the lifestyle of our applicants as we find harmony when working with others we are aligned with. Candidates that exhibit a sustainable lifestyle are ideal for this position, however it is not at all required as long as you feel strongly aligned with our mission. (Read more about us here) 

Included additionally to being the star of our next campaign:

  • 1 x Portfolio Photography session with Photographer,¬†JENNA RAELEIGH¬†@jenna.raeleigh
  • 1 x Professional Model Grooming, Posing and Camera Confidence Class with High Fashion Model¬†AMELIA ROSS¬†@_milliross
  • 1 x Social Media & Personal Branding Session with 7 Figure Business Coach¬†&¬†Marketing Extraordinar KATE GRAY @soverignbusinessmovement
  • 1 x Mindset & Impact session Rapid Breakthrough Coach NASH MACKEY @nash_mackey_coach

These opportunities will enable any model with all levels of experience to set themselves up to successfully self-manage, however... if you prefer representation and are not yet signed by the agency of your dreams we will assist you to your desired destination!

Ecocious will offer you an Ambassadorship position to receive & review new products from ECOCIOUS brands as well as invitations to upcoming Influencer events. And of course, as being our ECOCIOUS muse you will have personal access to Ariana who will forever act as a mentor and friend.


How to enter

  1. Make sure you are following 
  2. Post on Instagram - tag in the picture and #ecociousmuse on posts.
  3. Make sure your profile is on Public so we can find you!
  4. Fast track submission: tag 3 friends on our IG post & we will check your posts first! 

Once discovered, selected participants will be asked to fill out a short questionnaire and send us a clear image that displays a true representation of what you look like for the team to review and choose 6-8 finalists.

Finalists will be notified on the 1st February and encouraged to share with their family, friends and followers to vote for them to be the winner of our competition! We will have a voting portal open on our website to the public for 48 hours (please do not be concerned by this part as the voting results will not be shared publicly to ensure privacy for our beautiful finalists) however the winner will be announced on our social media after the voting process is complete!


  • Unlimited number of entry posts (feel free to post and tag us in more than one post so that we can find you!).
  • Your profile must be on PUBLIC¬†- at least until we can find your post.
  • You must be available &¬†able to travel to Queensland between mid March- April 2022.
  • It is not necessary to have any previous modelling experience.¬†
  • Professional models with and without agencies are more than welcome to submit!
  • Everyone is¬†encouraged to apply! (We haven't decided on what we are looking for yet!)
  • Preferably, our MUSE will¬†have aligned values with our Ecocious Ethos, however it is not necessary as long as you feel passionate and excited about what we do!


Good luck! I'm so excited to see all of your beautiful faces soon,

Ariana xx

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