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Drift Collective: created for luxurious, sustainable linen lovers!

Drift Collective: created for luxurious, sustainable linen lovers!

Ariana whittingham Interviews Mel Mahoney, founder of Drift Collective for Ecocious Mag

Mel Mahoney, founded Drift Collective after noticing a significant lack in the standard of quality within the market of genuinely luxurious, linen bedding. Her combined expertise from years in business and marketing as well as interiors, photography & styling working within the luxury real estate space has crafted her unique skill set and superior eye for luxury bedding. She has additionally spent countless hours researching, sourcing, sampling and creating the most divine french luxe linen. The collection boasts over 10 timeless styles, the sheets get softer with every wash and you are guaranteed to feel like royalty when you sleep with Drift Collective.

When Mel isn't working on her passions she is out, loving-life! Weekends away are spent exploring Australia's beautiful coastline with her fiance and their fur baby. 

Ariana: What is your definition of "sustainability" & what do you believe will advance our sustainable shopping movement?

Everyday we make conscious decisions; from what we eat, the products we use, clothes we wear and items we purchase. To be sustainable is to be selfless, whilst eco-friendly alternatives may not always be the cheapest or most convenient option, your children and future generations will thank you for making their earth a better earth. 

When it comes to the sustainable shopping movement, we believe in quality over quantity. As a sustainable brand, our primary objective is to provide a product that offers the consumer maximum enjoyment out of something long-term at minimal to nil environmental impact. 

As a small business, we may have small feet – however, we care about the imprint we leave on this earth. Linen, being an organic fibre, is one of the key textiles available in sustainable shopping. From seed to sheet, we do all we can to ensure we play our part in keeping this product as eco-friendly as possible. If well looked after linen can last up to a decade. When linen reaches the end of its life, it does not rot in a landfill as it is a natural, fully compostable fibre. 

Ariana: Your products are so divine! Please share your story with our readers about how you fell into creating luxe french linen bedding!

Drift Collective was brought to life after searching myself for lush bedding and finding that the quality of available linen often didn’t match its high price. 

Due to the laborious process involved, no linen on the market is cheap. However, as a customer it was extremely disheartening paying top dollar for poor quality. 

We took matters into our own hands and searched far and wide for the highest quality luxurious linen. 

Drift Collective offers customers linen sourced from a premium flax farm in France, and manufactured with high-quality attention to detail. 

Ariana: Once you began your pursuit, what was the process involved in creating Drift Collective?  

When searching for my manufacturer, my first step was to scale the market for an ethical and sustainable wholesaler. After finalising multiple suppliers who fit this profile, I then ordered samples from each. What I found in my process is that indeed, you get what you pay for.

Quality goods come at premium prices and that was evident in the outcome of the goods. 

I chose the manufacturer whose products exceeded my expectations. My manufacturer is one of the longest standing suppliers in the industry, a family run business who is SA8000 certified. This means they have a global certification for social compliance and upholding ethical standards. 

All our linen is OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certified, meaning every thread, button and other accessory, has been tested for harmful substances and that the article therefore is harmless for human health. Our manufacturer is also Organic Content Standard (OCS) 2.0 verified

This verification is an international recognition that the product is 95-100 percent organic material. It verifies the presence and amount of organic material in a final product and tracks the flow of the raw material from its source to the final product. 

Ariana: You have such a diverse range, and timeless styles! What are all of your products made out of? 

From seed to sheet, there is so much that goes behind the making of our luxe linen. Linen comes from what is known as the earth's friendly flax plant.

Flax plants are extremely versatile, and every part of the plant is used to create some type of amazing product ensuring nothing goes to waste. 

The fibres that grow inside the stalk of the flax plant are harvested to make our luxury linen goods, and a by-product of the remaining plant is used to create linseed oil and flaxseed oil.

Linen gets even softer with every wash, meaning the longer you own it the better it gets. To enhance this process, all of our linen comes stone washed. Stone washing is a technique used to enhance that extra soft feel of our products by using volcanic stones. 

We have taken inspiration from earthy tones and seasonal colours to create a bespoke colour palette. Our products are effortlessly elegant for a statement of sophistication. 

Whether you are styling a classic beach house, inner-city apartment, or country cottage, we have you covered.

Our sheet and quilt sets are available in King and Queen and our linen pillowcases come standard with European sizing available soon.  

Ariana: If someone reading this wanted to start making changes towards living a more sustainable lifestyle what advice or tips would you give them on their journey?

It can often be overwhelming when you decide to live more sustainably. Once you begin to educate yourself, you realise how many things in your day-to-day life are less than ideal for the environment. 

It is important to not get overwhelmed and to remember that sustainable changes can be softly implemented into your life through future purchases and choices. 

My advice in moving forward into a more sustainable life is to always try to choose quality over quantity. 

Whether it be a good pair of jeans, bikinis, a dress or bed linen, remember that you don’t need multiple colours and styles that will serve its purpose momentarily and then end up in landfill. 

Avoid fast-fashion and cheap textiles. Invest in high quality basics that you will have for years. I know that quality items are often more expensive, but trust me, you will save money in the long run.

If you are ever unsure when making purchases, the easiest way to understand a brand's sustainable practices is by jumping on their website. Usually you will find this information under a tab at the bottom of their website named ‘Sustainability’.

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