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Gua Sha - Moss Agate Stone

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No facial skincare routine is complete without a Gua Sha tool! Improve skin tone and facial lift, release facial tension and stagnant negative energy for softer facial appearance, reduce facial puffiness and promote lymphatic drainage for a glowing complexion. 

Gua Sha has been used as a Chinese facial massage technique for centuries to help improve blood circulation by scraping and stimulating the muscles along the contours of your face for a more sculpted and lifted appearance

This technique helps release facial tension, knots in the muscles of your face, behind ears and along your neck which can promote a lifted facial appearance. 

Gua Sha is also known to release stagnant negative energy and tension that you are carrying in your face as well as non-circulating blood and toxins from the body. 

As moss agate stone is naturally cold, it can be incredibly soothing on skin to help de-puff.

When combined with your fave facial oil, gua sha encourages deeper penetration of nutrients into your skin so you can get more out of your skincare products for glowing, happier skin.