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Easy Skincare Routine Kit (SAVE 20% OFF)

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Skincare routine feeling like a chore? Hate removing makeup after a long day?  Annoyed at water dripping down your arms and making a mess while you clean your face? Tired of looking for a tiny hair tie when its time for your skincare routine? 

This kit is Annie's absolute MUST-HAVES to make any skincare routine ENJOYABLE, EASIER, EFFICIENT and CUTE!! 

  1. Put on our super soft, fluffy WIDE headband to keep annoying hair out of your face
  2. Wear our soft plush cleansing water absorption scrunchies on both wrists to stop annoying water dripping down your arms and making a mess all over your basin
  3. Wash face and remove makeup with ease with our microfibre, sustainable reusable makeup removal pad combined with our natural facial cleanse bar. Keep your makeup removal pad clean and white by just lathering and rinsing with our facial cleanse bar after each use! 
  4. Proceed with the next steps in your skincare routine for DEWY, HYDRATED, GLOWY SKIN

 What this set includes: