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Melody Swim: Sustainable cool girl approved but made for all ages!

Melody Swim: Sustainable cool girl approved but made for all ages!

Ariana Whittingham interviews Jasmine Melody, Founder of Melody Swim - for Ecocious.

I had the absolute pleasure of hosting a zoom Q&A chat with one of our partnered brands based over in Los Angeles. I got just over an hour of Jasmine Melody's time, Founder of Melody Swim @shopmelodyswim. I am extremely proud to let you guys know that Melody Swim will be hosted on the Ecocious marketplace. I have also already sampled the material and cut and can say as an experienced bikini consumer and bikini model that this is one of the best designs I have ever put on my body (no bias...)

We got chatting and covered every question you guys could possibly want to know about Melody Swim, as well as everything behind the scenes that goes into creating a sustainable product and why we think this bikini is one of the best available on the market right now. 


Ariana: Tell us, what is the story behind Melody Swim? Take us back to the start... 

Jasmine: a couple years ago when I was in college I started a swimwear company on a super super small scale and just loved the whole process of that - I wanted to create a brand that I thought would be the most ethical and sustainable brand possible and realised that took a lot of care and consideration so I put that to the side and then years later I created Melody Swim. 

Ariana: How sustainable is Melody Swim? and why is it important to you personally?

I focused on recycled fabrics, ours are made from recycled fishing nets. We are literally using fishing nets that have ended up being left in the ocean and have turned them into this amazing quality fabric that we use for our swimwear.

We also use compostable material/ packaging and work with a manufacturer that focuses on ethical and fair wages. 

I think it's important to not only have a brand that is doing all of this... but to also be able to put back into the world and look after the environment. Right now were giving back % to environmental justice. Even if certain people aren't seeing the effects of Global Warming its affecting so many communities access to clean water, clean air so being able to make a difference immediately is something that's super important to me. 

Ariana: How different are your practices to other business in your field? 

The swimwear industry is kind of hitting a really crazy place right now, it's really interesting being a part of it because fast fashion has never been more insane - in my opinion. There's so much more marketing around all of these fast fashion, large brands so basically the difference between these large brands and a brand like mine would be: they are on top of every trend, immediately... with such high stock which encourages people to purchase, purchase, purchase all of these materials which are at such a low cost. 

Especially for shoppers something to remember is: every single aspect of labour, material, shipping, packaging all of that is included in the cost of your product.. and I know it's tricky with swimwear because its not alot of fabric so it's like "oh it should be cheap to make" but there's still so much labour that goes into it...

There's just so much wrong with the industry right now, theres so many unethical practices and I can see that because I'm behind the scenes but if you're someone that spends $5- $10 on a swimsuit just try to look back and do the math on how much that product actually cost to make, it is like... pennies.... 

So keeping in mind that our swimsuits are going to cost a bit more than fast fashion brands I've created a product thats designed to last.  A swimsuit that you are going to want to wear for a long time at a quality that you'll love forever. Try to buy piece that you think will last; style and quality. We focus on the quality of our material as well as the cut as we want our swimsuits to be enjoyed by all bodies at all ages.



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