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Get to know Sarah Wilson, our "Ecocious Muse" Model Search Winner & her debut into the modelling industry!

Get to know Sarah Wilson, our "Ecocious Muse" Model Search Winner & her debut into the modelling industry!

The Ecocious Muse Model Search was both extremely successful and rewarding in so many ways. The campaign day was everything we dreamed of, and more! The campaign imagery is being finalised & we cannot wait for you to see the images, soon!

However, being able to nurture, support and develop a young, aspiring model alongside shooting our campaign was the real win for Ariana and the Ecocious team. 

Being able to offer a truly beautiful soul, inside and out - like our winner Sarah, the tools required to launch herself into successful career within such a highly competitive Industry as well as giving the experience of a full team high fashion Campaign to show her what is possible if she dares to dream was something Ariana thought would be the ideal combination to empower an aspiring model, ready to launch her career. 

Since Sustainability is more or less about how long something can exist when created with the "best" materials, we incorporated this format with our Model Search inclusions gifting Sarah multiple coaching sessions with various industry experts to elevate her skillset and confidence ready for the Campaign and Career following. As well as Campaign Imagery & Video she also received an additional shoot to complete her portfolio, professional DIGIs & Industry advice from the Ecocious team. 

Interested in being our Next Muse? We will be running more Ecocious Model Searches in the near future. 

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What is it about Ecocious that you initially felt drawn to? & What were your initial thoughts and feelings (before finding out you were the winner)

I was initially drawn to Ecocious for its credo around sustainability and mindful consumption. As a modern consumer I am always on the hunt for sustainable brands and Ecocious provides a central marketplace for this which I thought was such a unique and clever business idea. 


How did it feel when you found out you won the Ecocious Muse Model Search and what have you taken away from the whole experience? 

When I found out I won the Ecocious Muse Model Search, I can’t explain the feeling other than– it just felt right. I was so excited with the realisation that my first ever professional modelling campaign would be made up of entirely sustainable brands – felt like a massive win for me professionally and personally. Getting to work with so many talented creatives on the Gold Coast was such a privilege for me and a huge opportunity to grow. I have never worked with such a large team before and I was blown away seeing everyone play their part and get into their creativity. I have taken so much confidence, experience, joy and connection from the campaign. It has given me a fire in belly to push forward and work on more fun projects and grow professionally. 


What was your favourite moment over the Campaign day/weekend?

There were so many great moments, I have to say when we were shooting outside, I was wearing a beautiful Kate Ford orange floral set and as I was I was posing a butterfly landed on my skirt. Something felt magical about that!


Which look from the Ecocious Campaign was your favourite?

I loved the last look and shooting in the library was a really fun set. I felt like the last look encapsulated the central message of the campaign – chic sustainability. 


Since winning the Ecocious Campaign you have been offered a number of modelling contracts, we couldn’t be more proud of you! Where do you see yourself going within the modelling industry?

I see the modelling world as an ever-changing multifaceted industry, and it has so much to offer. Since the campaign I have been meeting with agencies to determine what is going to be a good professional fit for me and the direction of my career. I’m definitely keen to do more campaign work and creative work. 


What advice would you like to share to others pursuing careers within the modelling space?

I think being authentic and open-minded are valuable qualities in the modelling space. It is at the end of the day an appearance-based job – which can be draining. Having a good grasp on who you are allows you to approach things with confidence. 


What does "Sustainability" mean to you, personally?

Sustainability to me is time.

For something to be sustainable it must exist and serve a purpose for an extended period.


It’s not just a product that is made sustainably, it’s a mindset that must be maintained. 


What do you look for as a shopper when buying clothes/ beauty products?

I mainly look for up-cycled pieces, natural fibres (that are most sustainable to grow where possible), and pieces made with waste materials. 


I also I ask myself a series of questions when purchasing clothing: 

  • How else can I style this piece? 
  • How long will I like this/want to keep this? 
  • Am I just buying this because it aligns with a trend I currently have entrenched in my mind? 


I try not to look for clothes unless I truly need something, I don’t believe in retail therapy (just actual therapy), because honestly having an excess of clothes to me is more stressful than needing an outfit for something. 


If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?

More money into renewables globally. 


After the experience, is there anything you would like to share about the Ecocious team and their movement towards creating a more sustainable future? 

Ariana and the Ecocious team are an incredible bunch of creatives, and I am in full support of the movement.


Talking to Ariana about her business and the trajectory she envisions for Ecocious is inspiring. It is incredible to see the passion behind her and It’s nice to know there are conscious creators out there.


Ecocious is shifting the narrative that suggests Sustainable Fashion is all hippy/boho and hemp fibres and presents a chic, refined aesthetic that aligns with the Modern Shopper. I can’t wait to see Ecocious take over and bring us all closer to a greener, healthier and more conscious future!



Can please we have a review for each of the Ecocious Model Search Campaign Coaches?

Jenna @jenna.raeleigh

Jenna is one of the most wonderful photographers I have ever worked with. Her ability to demonstrate poses, explain angles and make you feel comfortable makes shooting with her feel fun and like you are just hanging out with a friend (a friend who is a really bomb photographer and will make you look amazing). But beyond her talents and skills Jenna as an individual is one of the kindest, most patient hardworking women I’ve met. From the shoots I have been fortunate enough to have with Jenna I feel like I have grown so much as a model. 


Milli @_milliross

Milli gave such an incredible insight into the modelling industry, professional practice and camera confidence during our coaching session. Her genuine approach to conversing with me about the industry and sharing her experiences and anecdotes helped deepen my understanding of the structure of the modelling world. After our chat she had me feeling so hyped, prepped and ready for the campaign ahead!


Nash @coach_nash_mackey

Nash aided the mental preparation side of things and gave me some tools to create a sense of calm and ease when approaching high pressure situations. We discussed anxiety in detail and how I can learn to respond rather than react. The session had a large impact on me and I felt like I had a bit of break-through. Nash guided the coaching session so well and left me with mental tools I will utilise for a very long time. 

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