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"Good Influencers" Jake Schoeman, Ironman: Life since South Africa

"Good Influencers" Jake Schoeman, Ironman: Life since South Africa

Ariana Whittingham Interviews Jake Schoeman for Ecocious

The Iron Man, the South African myth, the sustainable legend.

We had the pleasure of shooting Jake as our first male model for Ecocious and honestly, we couldn’t have found a better suited candidate to represent our vision. Jake embodies what it means to “love life” not just from his free-spirited emotional capacity, but also with love to life in the sense that he genuinely respects the world and all that crosses his path.

He is only 19, but has a whole lot of insight we could all benefit from. 

I could go on, but I'll let him speak for himself. 

We covered pretty much everything from his life growing up in South Africa, his iron man and surf life saving career, his relationship with his family, diet and discussing his goals for the future since beginning studying here in Australia. 


Find his interview below!
Want to see more of Jake? The content from this shoot will incrementally be posted over on @ecociouslife instagram page, we have far too many pictures of this dreamboat to post all at once.


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