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"Good Influencers": Charlotte Coquelin, IMG MODELS

"Good Influencers": Charlotte Coquelin, IMG MODELS

Ariana Whittingham interviews Charlotte Coquelin for Ecocious

I am so proud to be sharing this interviewing one of my best friends for you all today! Ecocious family please welcome Charlotte Coquelin! She is a parisian internationally signed full time model, who has not only walked for Chanel but also has left footprints around most of our beautiful world. Not only is she dominating the modelling market she has also now landed a role and will be in cinema soon in an upcoming film "the spy who never dies." I'm not finished yet... Char has also studied journalism and regularly writes and produces for 5eleven magazine, which is based in London.... Yes, that's correct.. Charlotte writes in english, her second language! She has been a vegetarian for the last decade and has been passionate about being vegan for the last seven years.. we can all agree that is impressive! (especially when you are constantly travelling and on-the- go). She is also a lot of fun, super relatable and funny - you can see her personality, memes and her two adorable dogs daily on her instagram story - Hi Miso and Yoko!! I am missing you three terribly <3


Ariana: Char, we love how you influence your following towards the correct treatment of animals and the environment! Has being passionate about caring for the environment always been something you have felt or was it developed over time? 

I have been raised in the French countryside surrounded by animals in the nature. 

My mum was an early on environmentalist and always made sure we respected the planet (turn off the lights, don’t use too much water) so I have been respectful towards our planet early on. Very young I understood that meat came from animals and I begged my parents to let me be vegetarian as soon as I realized. 

They only let me when I turned 15 and then I learned about veganism. This is now one of the thing I am the most passionate about. 



Ariana: Tell us more...Why, when & how did you develop your beliefs and make the changes?

I have a big heart and I never wanted any creature to suffer for me to have a snack! It always sounded so silly for an animal to have a life of pain for a human five minutes of pleasure. 

When I realized it was actually healthier for me not to eat animal products (I recommend watching Game Changer) and so much better for the environment i couldn’t be more happy to be vegan. 


Ariana: Since it is a term used by many but understood by few, what does "sustainability" mean to you? What do you imagine a "sustainable future" looks like? Do you think we are heading in the right direction... or do you think as a society we have some more work to do?


I think that our generation is more aware and committed for a change. Sustainability to me is caring about the planet, not over using our natural resources, reuse and recycle. 

I do think a lot of people are doing all the little changes to make a big difference but then it pains me to watch billionaires ruining all those little efforts by going to Space for fun. 


Ariana: As an international model that travels and moves around the world for work, what are your tips with being as sustainable as possible whilst on the go/ travelling? How do you adhere to your sustainable lifestyle when you are constantly moving around? 


Traveling is a tricky one as it usually the time when you have to change your habits. 

I always bring my own reusable water bottle and snacks. I watch my plastic consumption in the plane and usually don’t take anything that the flight attendants offer me. 

I always use digital tickets to avoid paper waste.  If I have the time I always use the bus to get to the airport. And pick the train to the car always! 

I also make sure everything is unplugged at my house while I am away.


Ariana: Since I know you on an extremely close, personal level I know you are as genuine as it comes with being sustainable... you are not wasteful at all! Which is something I have always admired about you... For those that do not know you "behind closed doors" share with us your favourite sustainable products... 


I actually try not to spend money on new clothes anymore. I shop most of my looks on depop, i love the idea of pre loved clothes. I can get better quality for a cheaper price and original piece. 

You also can always find me at Vinnies and Redcross. 

If I want more designer clothes I shop on my beautiful friend Laura’s website: 

Bikini wise I wear my friend no tan lines! 

I love for a hangover facemask!

I love milk makeup it’s vegan and the packaging are reusable. 

Wild skincare, Emma Lewisham or Ere Perez on my face  

For my hair I use aveda and davroe

Spray tan: three warriors 

For cleaning my house: happy human  

I like Scarlet period cup! Changed my life  

Sunnies: local supply 

I like using oat milk as it’s the best one for the environment but as a treat I drink maca milk 


Ariana: What do you think the world needs more of? and less of?


More love and less ego 

More plant based less animal products 

More forest less buildings 


Ariana: If one of our readers wanted to start making some moves towards being more sustainable where would you suggest they start? any advice?


GO VEGAN Please contact me personally for advice it’s the best way to go 

I always hear people say things like « I would totally go vegan if cheese was vegan » then go vegan and eat cheese who cares it’s not about being perfect it’s about making new efforts and challenges everyday. I am probably not 100% vegan because we live in a world where we used animals for generations. Every day I realize something I thought was vegan wasn’t like some alcohol or medicine and I don’t feel bad I just learn about it. 

Go vegan a day a week and it will already make a big change!

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