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Celebrating our Carbon Positive, Clean Beauty Partner Bluem!

Celebrating our Carbon Positive, Clean Beauty Partner Bluem!

- Words by Ecocious founder, Ariana Whittingham

In the Ecocious office, we have been proudly celebrating our clean beauty partner Bluem on their monumental achievement of becoming the first CLIMATE POSITIVE beauty brand in Australia!

Apart from the obvious reasons why being carbon positive is a huge accomplishment for Bluem Founder, Montana (catch up on our Q&A with Montana: HERE) and the entire beautiful Bluem family/team - it’s actually huge accomplishment for the beauty industry and sustainability as a whole –it illustrates what is possible to achieve in the beauty space. One could even argue, what we should expect by brands moving forward.

If a local, independent, clean skincare brand can implement such positive change for our environment, imagine what we could achieve if all brands, especially those with high profit turn over operated in similar parameters to Bluem.

Perhaps its not a stretch to assume our health, the state of the earth, and all living beings would thrive if ethics were to prioritised over the profit margin.

bluem carbon positive beauty brand natural skin care clean skincare clean beauty

Why does the beauty industry desperately need to consider its carbon footprint?

From fast fashion, high meat consumption and failing to recycle our waste, everything we “consume” (use/ buy/ throwaway) has an impact on the planet.

Including the plethora of makeup and toiletries we buy.

The clean beauty revolution has taken off, globally, and customers are largely to thank for this widespread movement.

More than 50% of shoppers are prioritising sustainability when shopping for cosmetics (according to this study).

But, when the market changes, so does marketing!

As you may have noticed, beauty brands are increasingly and strategically using wording aligned with “clean,” “organic,” and “natural,” to keep up with the clean beauty movement.

Without hesitation, there is already a new green beauty movement rampantly making itself known amongst the beauty space.

You may have already heard of her, she goes by “carbon-neutral” beauty, and her goal is to take down one of the industries dirty secrets: carbon waste.

Why has this movement taken off?

Maybe, its these shocking statistics that are sticking with shoppers…

  • The beauty industry is a USD $532 billion businesses, on a rapid upward trajectory (according to this report from Edited)
  • The beauty industry is projected to be worth more than USD $784 billion by 2027 (according to this report by Common thread co)
  • 120 billion units of packaging is produced each year by beauty industry (report and statistics by TerraCycle)
  • Large portion of packaging produced is single use
  • Waste is immediately thrown way upon purchase/ unwrapping/ before use of the product itself.
  • Packaging is predominately made out of materials that cannot be recycled, or are too small to be recycled.
  • Aside from packaging & waste, shipping, transportation and factory emissions are additionally impacting our environment from the creation of cosmetic products.
  • Plastic, Mined raw minerals & toxic chemicals are essential ingredients in most beauty products.

    our generation didnt create this mess but we refuse to add to it

    We caught up with clean beauty expert, Whitney Hartman to explains why clean beauty and clean skincare are our safest choice for health & environmental reasons deeper: here

    Our top 3 products from Bluem include:
    1. Kakadu Plum Radiance Serum - Designed to stimulate collagen production beneath the skin to help improve your natural radiance and glow. Created with intention to support hydration/scarring/even skin tone
    2. Finger Lime Repair Serum - Designed to support sensitive/acne prone skin by providing deep healing and hydration to your every day ritual.
    3. Konjac Sponge - Naturally biodegrades. For a light, daily exfoliation and expect the cleanest pores you’ve ever had & brightest complexion.

    How is it possible to be “CLIMATE POSITIVE?”

    I'm glad you asked!

    In Bluems case it means, to be exact...

    • 151% of our business offset (everything from production to shipping)
    • 8 Tonnes of Carbon sequestered (enough pollution to fil 1,163 shipping containers)
    • 2,566 Trees Planted (throughout Australia and where it is needed most)
    • 20k+ Donated to sustainable causes we are deeply passionate about

    What is “Carbon Offsetting?”

    As Climate Active describes, offset units are used in compensation for emissions a business produces, to reduce their carbon footprint.

    Offset units are generated by projects that reduce, remove or capture emissions from the atmosphere such as; reforestation, renewable energy or energy efficiency. 

    Carbon offsetting has many additional benefits

    1. Environmental Benefits
    • increased biodiversity
    • maintaining habitat for native animal and plant species
    • improved local air and water quality
    • avoiding vegetation clearance
    • re-establishing vegetation on previously cleared areas
    • improved environmental management
    2. Social and Cultural Benefits
    • employment of local people
    • living and working on country
    • capacity building
    • improved health and education
    • access to clean and affordable energy
    3. Economic Benefits
    • employment
    • community support
    • improved infrastructure
    • technology transfer
    • increased economic activity
    carbon offset diagram
    (Climate Active, 2022)  

    Bluem has been working closely with a carbon neutral organisation to measure the environmental impact of their business and has chosen to offset 151% of the business in order to go above and beyond being carbon neutral, to carbon positive.

    Their calculations at 151% is equivalent to 68.9 tonne of CO2 and with these figures they have adequately re-invested into certified climate projects they believe are crucial for positive earth and climate progress.

    What is the significance of planting trees?

    Trees are extremely efficient at carbon sequestration and one of the most effective tools in the fight against climate change.

    Trees convert CO2 into plant matter, holding his material for the life of the tree and beyond.

    Bluem has been working with ‘One Tree Planted’ and ‘Eden Reforestation Projects’ to help plant trees around Australia and where it is needed most.

    Charity, Donations and Investing, for a more beautiful future.

    We are so proud of Bluem for supporting a variety of causes including:

    • Indigenous rights
    • Climate change
    • Natural disaster relief (both international and locally)
    • Mental health  
    • Awareness, preservation and progression of women’s rights.

    Committed to increase their contribution, as they grow.

    We couldn’t be more proud of the entire team behind Bluem and all of their efforts towards changing what impact can look like for online shopping.



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