Ultra Nourish Face + Body Oil
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Ultra Nourish Face + Body Oil

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A rich, luxurious blend of cold pressed oils combined with organic flowers, herbs, plants and essential oils to help protect your skin against harsh climates. Offering a natural 15+ sun protection from raw ingredients known for their UV protection properties, this mildly aromatic oil will feed your skin, hydrating and preparing it to cope with sun exposure. Rosewood helps to regenerate skin and act an anti-wrinkle and anti-ageing agent while hazelnut oil is laden with skin-nourishing vitamins and essential fatty acids to boost collagen production.  Perfect to help rebalance the production of sebum, Ultra Hydrating Face & Body oil will help to reduce pores and heal blemished skin.

Suitable for all skin types. Use in the hair to protect against sun damage or dryness resulting from chlorinated water. Apply before, during and after sun exposure.

Pat 2-3 drops into moistened skin around the face and décolletage. For the body, massage into damp skin and pat body dry.  Can also be applied before, during and after sun exposure.  

Mix with your mineral powder or pat into skin before applying makeup for glowing skin with a dewy finish. Can also be used as a hydrating treatment through your hair and to treat split ends.  

* Rosehip seed extract,* Sesame oil , Jojoba oil, natural vitamin E,*, *Gumbi Gumbi, * Rosewood, * Sandalwood, * Rose geranium;