SoL Cup - 4oz - Peacock Pink

SoL Cup - 4oz - Peacock Pink

SoL Cups - 4oz by

You get what you see with Peacock pink, she is there to stand out of the crowd. She is brave, loud and ready to take charge of any situation. There to give you that energy boost, to scream inspiration and boldness, to carry you through those crazy adventures!

Say hello to my little friend! Ladies and gentlemen, we are so excited to present to you the SoL 4oz! She might be small, but she’s got an incredibly big personality, 

4oz is small, lightweight but incredibly strong and ready to seize the day. 

Perfect for that luxurious golden espresso shot, short black,  macchiato, 3/4 latte or even for your kids baby-cino, It is time to take a stance from the dreaded mini takeaway cup, you’re going to be sipping in style.