Perfectly Imperfect Smooth Operator Razor

Perfectly Imperfect Smooth Operator Razor


Perfectly imperfect, during manufacturing or shipping there's always a few Travel Kits that face slightly different obstacles, so some have their own perfectly imperfect character whether it be a small dent or mark. None of which rendering the tin travel kit unfit for purpose, and all doing its job in protecting your Smooth Operator Razor. 

By purchasing our Perfectly Imperfect Travel Kits, you are ensuring we remain zero waste.

Although the travel kit may have some added character, it comes complete with our 10 double sided high grade blades and our carefully crafted waste free razor made to last with quality sustainable materials. All of which in perfect working condition. It offers a single blade solution for a close shave with less irritation conveniently delivered to your door. 

Ideal for sensitive skin.

Did you know that the Ritology Razor could save you over $120 per year! With a long lasting handle, durable protective case and low cost replacement blades - you can say goodbye to the plastic rubbish forever!